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Software Engineer · AIoT Enthusiast · magna cum laude · Backend web developer · Former Lab Instructor · Experienced in Java, Python, PHP, C++ · Hobbyist Photographer


  • Fullname: Md Asimuzzaman
  • Location: Bangladesh 🇧🇩️
  • Job: Freelancer, Software Engineer
  • Website: asimuzzaman.github.io
  • Email: asimuzzaman.md@gmail.com


Programming Languages: C, C++, PHP, Java, Python Frameworks: Laravel, jQuery, TensorFlow, Vue.js Database: MySQL, Oracle SQL, Eloquent ORM, django ORM Version Control System: Git Technologies: Deep Learning, MVC, NLP, AI Tools: [ S3, MediaConvert, Lambda, SNS, CloudWatch ] Package Managers: composer, pip, npm Operating Systems: Linux ( Ubuntu, Fedora, Elementary, Lubuntu, Raspbian), Windows, Tizen OS Hardware: Raspberry PI GPIO Soft Skills: Leadership, Team Collaboration, Critical Analysis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

North South University

Grade: Magna Cum Laude Academic Distinction
Activities: Programming contest, Hackathon, Publication
Key Courses: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Theory of Fuzzy Computation, Introduction to VLSI Design etc.

Higher Secondary Certificate


GPA: 5.00 [in the scale of 5.00] (All Subjects)

Secondary School Certificate


GPA: 5.00 [in the scale of 5.00] (All Subjects)


Sentiment Analysis of Bangla Microblogs using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy System

IEEExlpore· ICNC-FSKD 2017

Abstract: Sentiment Analysis - also called Opinion Mining is the process that collects opinions through text forms to determine if the opinion being expressed is positive, negative, neutral etc. Our research has been done on Bangla Sentiment Analysis. There are few achievements in this field for Bangla. We put together our paper in the context of Fuzzy Sentiment Analysis. The semantic relations and various grammatical structures of these text forms increased the difficulty of determining the polarity of sentences. In this paper, we have used Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System to predict the polarity of Bangla tweets and used fuzzy rules to represent semantic rules that are simple but greatly influence the actual polarity of the sentences.

DOI: 10.1109/FSKD.2017.8393010

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Champion in Metafour Asia Coding Challenge (BASIS SoftExpo 2020).

Magna Cum Laude Academic Distinction, offered by Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North South University.

Tuition Scholarship based on Admission test performance, offered by Registrar, North South University.


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